ADMINISTRATION Ministry Opportunities

Building Minor Repair Team- Involves identifying and (with approval) repairing places in the church that require minor attention.  May involve power washing, shoveling snow and ice, replacing lights and broken fixtures, etc. during the week.  People with proper experience and tools preferred.

Graphic Design

Grounds Beautification- Involves planting flowers, weeding, sweeping up fallen tree branches, and picking up trash during the week.

Legal Representation- Involves lawyers providing the church with pro bono legal advice and representation when needed.

Painters- Involves identifying areas inside and outside the church that need minor painting, and (with approval) being able to make improvements during the week.  Includes stripping chipped paint on windowsills and repainting.  People with proper experience and tools preferred.

Photography Team- Involves taking pictures of worship services and church events to be used on the website and for promotions.  Must be able to be discreet while taking pictures.  People with proper experience and equipment preferred.

Product Tables- Involves setting up, manning, and taking down product tables for shirts, books, etc. on Sundays and special events for the church or special guests with items to sell.  Must operate with financial integrity.

Special Events Team- Involves setting up, taking down, and cleaning rooms when needed.  Includes helping to plan and carry out special events for the church, such as: the church’s anniversary, holidays, receptions, and parties.