Drivers Needed for Ministry Trailer!

The Ministry Trailer is scheduled to go out to one of our three partner schools, J.T. Moore, Wright, and Haynes Middle Schools, each week… but in order to keep the trailer moving, we need a team of committed volunteer drivers.

Our vision is that the team would consist of a minimum of (4) confirmed drivers, with each person serving one time per month.

What does this commitment look like?

  • A two (2) hour commitment from 11am – 1pm on a weekday
    • The day of the week is not yet set and will depend upon driver availability and the schedule at the school, however once we determine these variables, we do hope to set a consistent schedule with the trailer going out on the same day each week. — Length of time will vary according to what school is scheduled that week.
  • Encouraging the students who come out to be served
  • Confidence driving the truck and pulling the trailer
  • Commitment and Consistency
  • A quick tutorial is available, if needed


Interested in joining the Ministry Trailer Drivers Team?  Please contact LaSonya Thompson by email at