Southside Bless Fest

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to serve at the Bless Fest!


Volunteer Parking Information

Volunteers are encouraged to park at one of the following three locations.  You can walk from your cars or be shuttled over to the school.  The parking lot at the school will be reserved for Bless Fest recipients who drive.

  • Salama Urban Ministries
    1205 8th Ave South
  • Greater Bethel AME
    1300 South St.

    • Front Lot
    • Grassy Lot Area directly across the street from Greater Bethel
    • Dr’s office directly across from GB (901 12th Avenue South)
  • Kayne Avenue Baptist Church
    1025 12th Ave South

    • Please fill the front spaces first


There will be shuttles and vans picking up from these locations beginning at 7:50am.  The vans will have Volunteer Parking Passes for you to put on your dashboard, along with Volunteer Info Cards for you to fill out on your short ride to the school.


A Letter from Pastor Chris

Dear STBC,

The Southside Bless Fest is almost upon us!  Saturday, June 23, 2018 is going to be a special day as we show the residents of South Nashville the love of Jesus!  The Bless Fest will take place from 10am to 1pm, rain or shine.

I am asking God to provide 100 or more volunteers from STBC to join the other area volunteers from the participating churches, ministries, and agencies.  Upwards of 700 to 1,000 families will be blessed that day with food to eat there, food to take home, clothing, haircuts, manicures, a mobile dental clinic, music, bouncy houses, and games!  The largest wave of volunteers will need to show up at 8am.  More than likely, dozens of people from the community will already be lined up before the trucks even arrive!

Once the Bless Fest begins at 10am, some of you will be asked to help the recipients “shop” for their food items in the grocery carts.  You will simply ask them, “How many people are in your family?”  This information will allow them to load food into their carts in proportion to their need.  You will then assist them in taking the food back to one of the shuttles, their cars, or to the doorstep of where they live (Do not go inside of people’s homes!).  Before leaving them, your final question will be, “How can I pray for you?”  You will then pray for them right there.

The second wave of volunteers can show up at 11am and stay through 2pm for clean-up.

Here is the basic schedule for the day:
7:30 am – Trucks arrive at Carter Lawrence Magnet School carrying food and supplies.

8:00 am – Volunteers arrive

  • Unload trucks; sort, bag, and layout the food; prepare STBC trailer & mobile dental clinic
  • Pray and receive instructions on how to serve recipients
  • Set up tables, chairs, parking lot cones, grills, and game stations

10am – The Southside Bless Fest officially begins!

  • Help residents shop for food and take them to cars, shuttles, or doorsteps
  • Distribute clothes and toiletries from STBC trailer; mobile dental clinic; banking assistance
  • Begin grilling hamburgers and hot dogs; distribute food
  • Play games with the kids (relay races, slip and slide, bouncy houses, etc.)
  • Music provided by DJ Damon King of 760AM
  • Haircuts and manicures done inside of the school building
  • Four porta-potty units outdoors

11am – Second wave of volunteers arrive

1pm – Bless Fest ends; clean up begins

  • Boxes broken down and put into recycle bins
  • Trash collected
  • Chairs, tables, and grills loaded up

It’s been said that the greatest ability is availability.  Let me add to this equation — “flexibility.”  If you can be available and flexible, great things are going to happen!  Also, if you are enrolled in ATI (Apollos Training Institute), the Bless Fest can serve as a credit for your outreach practicum requirements!

Finally, bring your children to serve with you!

Blessed to be a Blessing,
Pastor Chris